Jewish History of PC, 1917-1965

Thursday, March 30, 20175 p.m.
Location: TBA

“Sons of Providence: The Jewish History of Providence College, 1917-1965”

In an era of anti-Semitism and quotas that limited the number of Jews admitted to Ivy League institutions, Providence College opened wide its doors and welcomed Jewish young men from the Smith Hill neighborhood into its classes and community.

Dr. Jennifer Illuzzi, assistant professor of history, and Dr. Arthur Urbano, associate professor of theology, will present a lecture on their research related to the admission and experiences of Jewish students at Providence College prior to the Second Vatican Council, when the Catholic Church officially entered into interreligious dialogue.

Illuzzi and Urbano will discuss archival records, student publications, and their interviews with experts and Jewish alumni from the 1930s through the 1960s.

RSVP by email to Dr. Illuzzi,, by March 27.