Liberal Education and Science Conference

Saturday, April 1, 20178:30 a.m.
Location: Providence College Campus

The Liberal Pursuit of Nature: Science, Humanities, and Liberal Education
​April 1, 2017

Providence College

Providence, RI

Sponsored by:

​The School of Arts and Sciences

Engineering—Physics—Systems Department

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Biology Department

Philosophy Department

Continental Br​​eakfast
8:30 to 9:00AM Ruane Great Room

Session 1: Scientists as Citi​zens, Researchers, and Educators
9:00 to 10:30AM

“Bridging Science and ​​​the Res​​​t of the Liberal Arts: A Simulation Workshop.”
Lynne Lawson (Engineering-Physics-Systems, Providence College)

Joe Cammarano (Political Science, Providence College)

“Adding Civic Engagem​​ent to S​​cience Education.”
Maia Bailey (Biology, Providence College)

“Research Scient​ists as Educators: Suc​cesses in Walking the Tightrope from
Science Concepts to Science Engagement of Liberal Arts Majors.”

Barbara Sullivan-Watts (Biology, Providence College).

John Costello (Biology, Providence College)


Session 2: P​hilosop​​hy, Science, and Philosophy of Science
10:40 to 12:00PM

“The Role of Wonder in Philosophy ​and Science.”
Daniel Dwyer (Philosophy, Xavier University)

“Philoso​​phy of Science as Critical Thinking and Critical Theory.”
Erikk Geannikis (Metropolitan School, CUA)


Alumni Hall in Slavin Center

Session 3: The “Two C​ultures”
1:00 to 2:20PM

“‘Coping With the Scientifi​c Revolution’: Teaching C.P. Snow’s The Two Cultures in the Twenty-First Century.”
​Alex Moffett (English, Providence College)

​“Are Science and the Humanities Irreconcilable? Hannah Arendt on the ‘World Alienation’ of the Scientific Revolution.”
Mel Topf (Writing Studies and Rhetoric, Roger Williams University)


Session 4: History​, Science, and History of Science

““Roger Williams and the Found​​ations of Science.”
Jennifer Kreft Pearce (Physics, Roger Williams University)

“Understanding Our History: Using Poetry, Economics, History and Invention ​​in the Organic Chemistry Curriculum.”
Laura Vosejpka (Physical Science, Mid-Michigan Community College)

Keynote Add​​ress

“The Liberal Sciences: Asking Questions and
Student-Centered Learning”​
Peter Pesic (St. John’s College, Santa Fe)

Light Reception